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ينهض المعهد العالي لإدارة المياه ببرنامج تدريبي للإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية وتخصص الدورة الأولى لأسس الإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية

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organizing training courses in strengthening general management competence
organizing training courses in strengthening general management competence

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الأحد 10 نيسان 2011

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French Delegation Visited HIWM
High level French Delegation from NCRS & IRD visited Al-Baath University and HIWM

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الثلاثاء 08 شباط 2011

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Meeting with chief executive officer of AGEF
HE President of Al-Baath University met Mr. Klaus Dunnhaupt, CEO of AGEF. The meeting was attended by the Dean of HIWM

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الخميس 03 شباط 2011

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Administrative Bylaw



الأثنين 31 كانون الثاني 2011

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Kick-Off Workshop of TEMPUS Project
Within the framework of cooperation between Syria and European Union, a new TEMPUS project has been developed

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الخميس 20 كانون الثاني 2011

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HE Minister of Higher Education Visit HIWM
HIWM has the honor of receiving HE Minister of Higher Education, HE Ambassador of Germany in Syria and the president of Al-Baath University on 10/11/2010

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الخميس 11 تشرين الثاني 2010

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