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Scientific Researches and Consultation

HIWM provides competent counseling services to water establishments and water-related institutions. HIWM carry out scientific research and will react appropriately to the development requirements

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Postgraduate Studies

 .The institute offers two degrees, M.Sc. and Ph.D in water management .The higher education courses will only be held in English

 : Master of Water management

M.Sc course has a modular layout which conforms to European system. According to European standards, the modules contain 6 to 12 teaching hours. Each module has

a.  Admittance Rules

b.  Academic Semester: the academic semester extends for more than 16 weeks

c.  Courses, Exams and ECTS

d.  Fees

: Doctorate of Water Management

For students with more scientifically orinted the Institute offers a doctorate (Dr.) of Water Management, by deeping their knowledge in management and/or technical items .The doctorate programme is scheduled for three years and consists of three parts, namely participation in two modules, exam and thesis .The supervision of the doctorate candidate is carried out mutually by a Syrian and a German professor

a.  Requirements

b.  Programme

c.  Fees

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Training Cources

International Cooperation

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HIWM Structure

:The management structure of the HIWM consists of 

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Mission and Vision

.The Higher Institute for Water Management is a national centre of excellence and networking in the water sector

.The institute will contribute to and upgrade professional skill

"HIWM will act as  "triple bridge
.Between engineering and economics-
.Between theory and practice-

.In close co-operation between Syria and Germany-

HIWM will strive for national and international recognition and will render services to water related institutions in Syria and the region

It will function as a hub for applied research and education in the field of water management and will develop first class expertise in integrated water resources management

HIWM will offer training to postgraduate students and to executives in the water sector according to the national and regional needs


.The main tasks of HIWM is applied research and training in water management in co-operation with German universities and German water utilities

HIWM will offer internationally accredited postgraduate programmes that meet international quality standards (master, doctorate ) in order to satisfy the national and regional needs for competence in the water sector

:HIWM will serve as a postgraduate institute and
.prepare qualified engineers in the accredited disciplines-
.Offer training services to public and private organizations in the water sector with the aim of capacity building-
.Provide expert advice, services and studies to public and private organizations in the water sector-
.carry out and participate and scientific and applied research programmes and studies in the Syrian water sector-

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Within the framework of supporting the higher institute for water management
Within the framework of supporting the higher institute for water management a meeting was held at the German house in Damascus

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