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ينهض المعهد العالي لإدارة المياه ببرنامج تدريبي للإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية وتخصص الدورة الأولى لأسس الإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية

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Kick-off meeting of the first e-course on IWRM
A kick-off meeting of the first e-course was held at ministry of higher education on 6/11/2013. The meeting aimed to explain the adapted methodology and introduce the course platform on the internet.

The meeting was attended by the scientific committee of the course and the participants from the three involved ministries.

This first e-course on IWRM was fully designed by national team and directed by HIWM. It will last till 21 of November.


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