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The training course on the Strengthening of General Management Competence

The training course on the Strengthening of General Management Competence &Performance in the Syrian Water Sector, carried out by the HIWM, in cooperation with Al-Baath University and GIZ between 03-14/04/2011

came into its end on Thursday 14/04/2011.

Participants from all ministries and organizations in connection with water sector have participated; 15 participants from the Ministry of Irrigation,   14 from the Ministry of Agriculture, 2 from the Planning and International Cooperation Commission, 10 from the Ministry of Housing & Construction, 8 from the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, 4 from the Ministry of Local Administration.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sibai, the Acting Dean of the HIWM expressed his gratitude to those who made this course a success: the trainers, the participants and the organizers, highlighting the importance of such courses for the development of the Syrian water sector management.
Some trainees have enriched the course through their contributions and comments on the things they acquired.
Eng. Taher Haj Hasan from the Ministry of Irrigation,said:
 Session of good and very useful, preferably requiring all workers in administrative positions such as how to follow the sessions.
We have learned a lot of ideas that serve our articulations of administrative and through exercises and simple means of explanation was put forward by the trainers, but the lesson which was great.
May practice in our functional and spontaneous part of the ideas that we have learned, but came to this intensive course in order to organize our thoughts and to seek to realize the concept of good governance, which boils down to her words (diversion of resources to a range of benefits) and we will seek to apply the concepts presented in the course of our employees to take advantage of all the qualifications and experience of the workers.
We thank all who contributed to this session of the organizers, coaches and management.
When asked about this training course, Dr. Ahmad Zalita said:
"It is an excellent course despite its short time. It was rich in concepts and ideas in connection with management within the organization and how to best deal with the staff with a view to develop the organization work and efficiency."
As for benefitting from previous courses, Dr. Zalita said: we have applied the concepts learnt in the previous course to the institutional and research work.
At the end of the course, Dr. Maan Dawoud commented that he was thankful to the trainers and attendants as they did not let him sleep during the training which went on for two days, adding:
"We have already noticed the positive impact of the relatively longer training received by some of the members of the team in which I work, which was manifested as improved performance of the team. This training was short, but I'm sure that the intensive concepts acquired will contribute directly to the improvement of our performance and efficiency.
It is necessary to develop an integrated program to invest the funds allocated for training in the work of our organizations, especially in the field of scientific research, staff management performance improvement at all levels and to take these courses as precondition for promotion."     
 Eng. Ayman Daher, from the Ministry of Housing and Construction, said:
Through my participation in this training course and the active participation by both the trainers and trainees, many things on the following issues have been learned:
-      Active management.
-      Motivation.
-      In addition to previous topics of time management, meeting management, communication and negotiation skills.
This training was really a success and all participants have benefited from it.
Eng. Reem Abd Rabooh, Director of Water Safety at the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, said:
This training course has been a turn point in my career as a director; it attracted my attention to interesting issues and points in direct connection with my work. It enabled me to improve and develop my work in creative and constructive way with a view to achieve the best results. Major points have been:
1.     Strategic analysis using SWOT analysis;
2.     Result-based management;
3.     Time management (using Eisenhower Method);
4.     Application of Harvard Principles in negotiation; and
5.     Meeting management.
These topics are very important for me s a Water Safety Manager, because water sector is very broad and there's need to support the management systems in water establishments and all relevant ministries, which would help solving a lot of the problems facing the integrated management of water resources.
I hope the Water Sector Top Management Training will be repeated to all central and local managers of all water-related ministries. Those managers would get the labor of this course and go to their work with a lot of development ideas to apply.     

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