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ينهض المعهد العالي لإدارة المياه ببرنامج تدريبي للإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية وتخصص الدورة الأولى لأسس الإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية

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organizing training courses in strengthening general management competence
organizing training courses in strengthening general management competence

general management competence & performance in the Syrian water sector according to the following program:

Ministry of Irrigation                                           3-4/4/2011

Ministry of Agriculture                                       6-7/4/2011

Ministry of Housing & Construction                10-11/4/2011

Ministry of Local Administration &State Ministry of Environment                                                                                   13-14/4/2011.

The first training course started on 3rd April 2011 in AL-Baath University in Homs with a short introduction by Dr.Mahmoud AL-Sibai ,Dean of HIWM who welcomed the participants and wished them an interesting and useful training to improve the management competence in water sector.

Dr.Ghada William and Mr.Dirk Jung from GIZ in their turn welcomed the participants and gave a presentation about GIZ and its activities and support to capacity building in their efforts reform the water sector processes in MENA Region.                                                 

It worth to mention that the first training with the Ministry of Irrigation was attended by fifteen high managers ;nine of them are general –managers in addition to the Deputy of Director General of the General Commission for Water Resources.


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