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Second Regional Workshop on Partnership between Capacity Building Institutions
Within the framework  of the program : Promotion of Capacity Building Institutions to Support Reform Processes in the Water Sector of the MENA  Region

:Second Regional Workshop Was organized in Egypt during the period 1-5/11/2010 and attended by the program partners

 Holding Company For Water and Wastewater - Egypt-

International Institute for Water and Wastewater - Morocco-

 Higher Institute of Water Management - Syria-

The workshop was opened by the General Director of HCWW. In the opening ceremony the Holding Company (HCWW) and International Institute for Water and Wastewater signed cooperation agreement.

:The workshop aimed to

 Exchange of experience and knowledge of capacity building in the water sector in the frame of the cooperation with InWEnt-

Fostering cooperation between the partner institutions in the MENA region-

Plan the activities in cooperation with InWEnt until the end of 2011, with each of the participating teams-

Possibilities for direct co-operation between HCWW HRD Sector, ONEP-IEA, and HIWM are identified, including exchange of experiences. It was agreed the 3rd regional workshop will be carried out with the Higher Institute for Water Management in cooperation with the Al-Baath University in Nov. 2011


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