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Closing of the Workshop
Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amer Fakhouri, president of Al-Baath University , in Cooperation with / IRD /, /ACSAD/,and the Higher Institute for

Water Management,an international workshop entitled “Optimizing Water Use in Irrigated Areas” “17-18/5/2010”,and a training course entitled “New Approaches for Estimating Crop Water Requirement” “19-20/5/2010” was opened at the faculty of civil engineering

Representing the president of Al-Baath Uiniversity ,Dr.Ahmed Mufeed Subuh, Vice president of Al-Baath university opened the workshop .He talked about the importance of the workshop to address the issue of water which is one of the necessities of life

Mr. Didier Larroque, Premier Counseeiler of the French Embassy and the representative of the French ambassador mentioned the desire to develop new rules for water management, where a lot of experts from the countries of Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Morocco and France will meet and work in the workshop to share experiences in water conservation and the impacts of climate change, especially in South and East Mediterranean. He clarfied that 80% of water is used in agriculture and irrigation

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sibai , Director of the Higher Institute for water management, makes it clear that water resources in Syria are limited as a result of population growth and the growing needs of water to meet the needs of economic development; The agricultural sector is the largest consumer of water by up to 90% of renewable water resources and this explains the great interest given by the government to raise the efficiency of water use in irrigation and promote the shift to modern irrigation. and to the technologies and modern methods to estimate the values of evapotranspiration - using soil-vegetation - atmosfere transfer models . The management and monitoring of irrigation by remote sensing is evolving rapidly and it is important to have in Syria a deeper scientific knowledge about the scientific basis of these technologies and to share the experience with some Arab countries in this area

The opening was attended by Dr. Ahmed Moufeed Subuh Vice President of Al-Baath University , Mr. Didier Larroque Premier Counseeiler of the French Embassy , Mr. Jean-Louis Laveille attache de cooperation at the French Embassy, Dr. AbdelGhani Chehbouni, director of IRD Institute in Egypt and the Middle East, and Dr. Ehab Jnad, representative of the Director General of ACSAD

The workshop/training course lasts until 20/05/2010 with the participation of four experts from the IRD and three Arab experts from the University of the Al-Kadi Ayyad in Morocco, the National Institute for Research on agriculture, water and forests in Tunis and National Center for Agricultural Research in Jordan, in addition to experts from ministries and Syrian institutions

It is worth mentioning that the Higher Institute for Water Management is an autonomous scientific management body located temporarily at Al-Baath University

At the end of the workshop/training course the participants are awarded training certificates



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