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HE Minister of Higher Education meets Inwent Mission and HIWM Dean
HE Minister of Higher Education discusses ways of activating the training courses of the Higher Institute for Water Management

In a meeting attended by Dr. Mahmoud Sibai, Dean of HIWM, and Mr. Matthias Wollers from InWent, Capacity Building International, Germany, Dr. Giath Barakat, Minister of Higher Education reviewed last Saturday in Homs the HIWM activities
The meeting, held at Al-Baath University, was, also, attended by Dr. Amer Fakhouri, President of Al-Baath University and Dr. Muhammad Moualla, President of Tishreen University
The discussions addressed the HIWM activities and annual plans with regard to specialised training courses and water management-related research
Dr. Barakat shed light on the importance of HIWM to deal with water issue, which is an important issue in Syria, and the necessity to involve the relevant ministries, such as the Ministries of Agriculture, Housing, Local Administration and Irrigation, in the HIWM activities through sending engineers to follow training courses or to conduct researches
It is worth mentioning that the HIWM in Syria is an autonomous academic agency, located, at the moment, within the premises of Al-Baath University; it carries out many scientific activities in cooperation with InWent, which provides financial support and expertise


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