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ينهض المعهد العالي لإدارة المياه ببرنامج تدريبي للإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية وتخصص الدورة الأولى لأسس الإدارة المتكاملة للموارد المائية

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Training on Strengthening General Management Competences and Performance
The workshop is opened with a welcome on behalf of Al-Baath University and HIWM by Dr. Mahmoud Al- Sibai


 and on behalf of InWEnt by Mr. Wollers


workshop Content



14 managers from four ministries were participated. The managers were from

 Ministry of Irrigation

Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Agriculture


Participants were divided into four working groups. The discussion was very fruitful and appreciated by all participants


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