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Workshop of developing a Concept for Capacity Building in Management for the Syr

The workshop started at 8th November,2009 in Homs, AlBaath University with a welcome byDr. Wateq Rasoul- Agha and background information about

After that Dr. Mahmoud Al- Sibai presented the activities of  HIWM institute in a power-point presentation                                                             




Dr. Klaus Klennert from InWEnt gave as well a presentation about InWEnt and its activities and the promotion of CB institutions to support reform processes in the water sector of MENA Region   



The participants of the workshop introduced themselves by the way of mentioning and visualising their names,  the organization they came from, the function they had within the organisation and their expectation of the workshop on cards


: Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony was done by Prof. Dr. Fakhoury the president of AL- Baath university on behalf of the minister of High education Prof. Dr. Barakat
The ceremony was attended by the four vice president of AL- Baath university and vice minister of housing and construction, representatives of AL-Baath party and Homs Mayer

The ceremony started with a speech from Dr.AL-Sibai , Mr. Rudolf from GTZ, Dr. Klennert from InWEnt and Prof.Dr. Fakhoury and after that they started with handing  out the certifications for the participant





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